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    Practitioner Training Programs

    The Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine unifies the programs that teach QEST™

    Part of what makes Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ unique is the training required to be a practitioner.  It takes a minimum of two years to get the basics of working with clients using QEST™.  Training includes the study of anatomy and physiology, applying that science to the theory, hands-on practice of the work, and understanding how to address underlying causes and inter-relationships in order to be effective.  This work is not woo-woo, unstructured, or vague.  It cannot be learned in a weekend workshop.  QEST™ is elegant and practical – rooted in wisdom, in science, and in practices that have established a track-record of effectiveness.  Contact a training program for more information about learning QEST™.

    Center for Integrative Energy Medicine

           Arcata, CA

    Sandra Freeman, Founder
    Phone: +1 (707) 834-4188

    Energy Medicine Academy

          Pepin, WI

    Bernie Finch, Director
    Kathy Finch
    Phone: +1 (715) 442-2016

    Quantum Energetics Institute

           Fort Collins, CO

    Judith M. Heath, Director
    Phone: +1 (970) 412-7992

          Marina Poling
    Phone: +1 (970) 224-2145

          San Ramon, CA

    Tasha Morris
    Phone: +1 (303) 912-1476

          San Andreas, CA

    Donna Carmony
    Phone: +1 (209) 785-0727

         San Marcos, CA

    Kathleen Krellner

    Phone:  +1 (951) 768-3696


    About the association

    The Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine is a community for the practitioners of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.  AAEM certifies practitioners of QESTTM, unifies the QESTTM teaching programs and supports the growing QESTTM network.

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